Friday, October 1, 2010

Ben Jealous Requests Pardon for Scott Sisters

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Francis L. Holland said...

These women were in jail since 1983 and the NAACP is just now requesting justice for them?

It seems to me like smaller and less well-known groups advocated for years on this issue and then the NAACP national only got involved when there was

* Press attention

* An opportunity for an NAACP fundraising drive, even though the sisters would receive none of the money collected

* An opportunity for the national NAACP to make itself appropriately be perceived as foolish for promoting the political career of Haley Barbour, who just recently was defending the role of the White Citizens Councils that planned and implemented Jim Crow policies.

And now Ben Jealous has a joint new conference arranged with Mississippi Governor Barbour?

Whatever successes Haley Barbour has in the 2012 presidential cycle will be partly due to the NAACP/Ben Jealous embrace of Haley Barbour in 2010.