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We need our community to support us in this effort to bring national attention to the case of the Scott Sisters and all other women who have been incarcerated wrongly and egregiously over-sentenced, punishing and destroying our families and children.

Please print out and help distribute our flyer this long weekend, particularly in the DC, MD, VA area. (Thanks Bro. Thunder X!) The flyer is downloadable at:

Bro. Dalani Aamon of Harambee Radio did a PSA in support, it's about 2 1/2 mins. please air it on your radio programs: - please share this!

We need volunteers, particularly those in the tri-state DC, MD, VA area, to contact us!! We need assistance distributing information and in carrying out the event on that day, please get involved!

Free The Scott Sisters!

It grieves me Bros, Sis and Comrades, in this day and age, that we even have to come together and mount a campaign to call for the Freedom of the Scott Sisters.

If ever there was a self-evident case, where there was NOTHING even to talk about, and that cried out for JUSTICE - this is it! We have two sisters, Jamie who's very seriously ill, and Gladys, both imprisoned in Mississippi, sentenced to double-life for a $11 robbery in which no one was injured and they've already done 15 years!!!.... not even considering they've staunchly proclaimed their innocence and are crying out for help!

It could be your sister, my sister, anybody's sister! So i gladly join the June 21st fast in solidarity with the Gray-Haired Witnesses White House demonstration demanding freedom for Scott Sisters. It's the very least i or anyone of us could do and i'm urging my family and friends to attend and fast also. If that doesn't get immediate result i hope you'll consider coming back with a campaign to boycott of the state of Mississippi, or some similar action, till they do free the Scott Sisters. Stay strong, and keep fighting, i will too. Free the Scott Sisters!
Sundiata Acoli, Political Prisoner
Harambee Radio and TV Network is honored to stand in solidarity with the quest for justice for Jamie and Gladys Scott, two sisters who have been imprisoned for over 16 years. We deem it unconscionable that the Scott sisters received two life sentences for a crime that netted a mere eleven dollars; a crime for which they have always proclaimed their innocence.

The Harambee Radio and TV Network is pleased to be able to spotlight this egregious case, a case which continues to shock the conscience of those who hear it. Harambee features commentary and interviews from the most respected activists from across the nation and we seek to actively broaden awareness around the sisters’ case. As part of our solidarity, we are opening our airways with a special focus on this travesty of justice through both our online radio and television outlets. And, in concert with our mission statement, we will collaborate and partner with others to strengthen the movement that will allow justice to prevail.

Dalani Aamon, CEO and Founder
Thanks to the African-American Freedom and Reconstruction League for their beautiful letter of solidarity, please view it at:

Udja Temple's letter got it started, and is at:

Please send us your organization's statement of solidarity and present it at the event if at all possible!
Endorsement list is in formation, please send in your name and affiliation (if any) no later than June 15 to Updated endorsement lists will be posted in updated mailings, at the website and at the Facebook group.

Action Committee for Women in Prison
Agnes Johnson, The 1212 Community in the Bronx
Bonnie Kerness, AFSC*
Brenda Scott Lowery
Bro. Moorbey, Chairman, Black Unity Movement
Bro. Sauti & Sis. Shiriki, KCBLR.ORG Radio
Charles E. Campbell, Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
Cleo Silvers
David Blanchard
Dominique Reed, HRC-Fed Up!
Donna Wallach, Justice for Palestinians
Eddie Griffin (BASG)
Fayemi Shakur, Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign
Harambee Radio and Television Network
Int'l Concerned Family/Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Jacqui C. Williams
Leonna A. Brandao, S.W.III, New Vision Org., Inc.
Malaika H. Kambon, People's Eye Photography
Mary Ratcliff, Editor, San Francisco Bay View Newspaper
Mississippi Prison Watch
Monica Moorehead, Women's Fightback Network, NYC
Nathan Hare, Black Think Tank
People's Organization for Progress
Rev. Majadi Baruti, Udja Temple Ministries
Senghor Jawara Baye, President General UNIA-ACL
Sistah Q, Author of Maintaining Our Temples
Sundiata Acoli
Tara Graham
Terry Howcott
The African American Freedom & Reconstruction League
The MOVE Organization
(* For ID purposes only)

We need you to support by doing some or all of the following:
- Post our statement to your Facebook and other social netwoking sites. Help us get the word out.
- Forward the press release to your email colleagues. (Press release is at:
- Issue a statement of support on an individual or organizational level on this endeavor. Or, ask us to list you as an endorser.
- Write a blog, article or commentary on the statement's mission and call, post it and pass it on for posting on our website.
- Write and publish an article on the state of the Scott Sisters and the issue of Black incarceration. (Case Summary on the Scott Sisters is at
- Volunteer to help us prepare for the day, particularly if you live in the DC, Balt., VA area

Check us out on Tuesday June 1 at 11 pm on Garvey's Voice hosted by President General UNIA-ACL, Senghor Jawara Baye and on Thursday June 3 at 7 pm on The Legacy Justice Radio Show hosted by Nkechi Taifa, Esq, both on the Harambee Radio and Television Network.

"We stand on this history today. We stand before you as Gray-Haired Witnesses asking freedom-loving people of all colors who believe in the dream of Ida B. Wells, of a just, safe and open America for all peoples regardless of our different social locations to break the veil of silence and stand strong in a renewed spirit of moral consciousness for this country. The greatest asset we have is our body, mind and spirit and our willingness to step out of the daily flow of life and stand tall for what is right and just. The jagged tears in the social and cultural infrastructure of Black and poor communities and families are unconscionable and unacceptable to us. We come ready to repair them. In the tradition of race women throughout history and our survival, we declare our presence and we will not be silent and we are not afraid." From the Call.

Contact us at, 1- 866-968-1188, Ext. 2, and please link to us at