Friday, August 28, 2009

Justice for Robert Jacob Salas

The 2009 Felony Conviction of Detective Anthony Razo Questions his Moral Turpitude and Demands an Audit and Investigation of All His Arrests Leading to Convictions Throughout His Career

For Your Consideration:

In light of the recent news regarding now ex-Detective Anthony Razo, this letter requests an investigation of any convictions obtained by Razo’s arrest reports of his trial testimony. Razo recently pled guilty to one count of Insurance Fraud in order to dismiss his remaining four charges of unlawful false police reports and . Razo swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of Los Angeles. Razo’s behavior is outrageous and severely questions his moral turpitude enough to, at the very least, warrant further investigation into his past conduct. In particular, this letter requests further investigation of the arrest and conviction of Robert Jacob Salas-CDC # K84625 in 2000. Razo investigated the homicide of which Salas was convicted between 1997 and 2000 and even testified at Salas’ trial. Evidence exists that Razo and other officers influenced the testimony of witnesses to implicate Salas in the homicide. Without the testimony of these few witnesses, the Government‘s case would have collapsed and Salas, an innocent man, would not be in prison. Help us return Robert Salas back to his family where he is needed by demanding a full review of any cases involving this morally corrupt officer. The review should be made by an independent body with prosecutorial discretion and with the full capability and resources such as the Los Angeles County Office of Independent Review, the Los Angeles County District Attorney, the State Attorney General’s Office and the United States Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General. How many other falsely accused and convicted people are in prison today due to the reprehensible actions of this one criminal law enforcement officer? He is not worthy of the trust symbolized by the oath taken to uphold the law and by his badge. That he has voluntarily resigned will not cure the injustice done to Robert Jacob Salas and all similarly situated falsely convicted people currently in prison.

The Senate Select Community Committee on California’s Correctional System

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