Monday, February 1, 2010



Mrs. Evelyn Rasco has confirmed through a sergeant and nurse at
the prison that Jamie was rushed to the hospital due to a decline in
her condition earlier today. The prison will not confirm anything further,
whatsoever, not even whether Jamie is still alive or where specifically
she has been taken (the hospitals will not confirm whether Jamie is
a patient at any of them either).

We had received a report a few days ago that Jamie should have been
returned to the Medical Bldg. at the prison due to severe weakness
and difficulty carrying out her activities of daily living, however this
did NOT happen.

Jamie Scott should have remained hospitalized long ago due
to her kidney failure and other health issues that are impacted by
such a serious development!! The prison has played games with
Jamie's life long enough and should have never moved her back from
the hospital to begin with!

We need to know Jamie Scott's condition and what is happening to her.
She must not, once again, be returned to the prison to continue to
deteriorate, her medical care must be taken out of the prison's hands!

Updates will follow as soon as they are available! Please keep
checking in as much as you are able!


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