Monday, September 7, 2009



Jamie Scott of the Scott Sisters was able to call her mother tonight and report that thanks to all of the calls that came into the prison, she was seen by a doctor and is receiving medication. She stated that she was not seriously injured when she fell on the oil that was placed on the shower floor.

Although Jamie was able to receive insulin, she stated that she had been without her blood pressure medicine for several months due to there not being a generic version available that the state would pay for.

She wanted to make certain that each and every person who responded to our urgent calls for assistance knew how much she appreciated the overwhelming response and remarked it was noted by the staff there when she was seen for medical treatment.

Thank you especially from Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, who has felt a tremendous burden relieved by just being able to know that her daughter is not seriously injured, though still in unjust captivity.

Forward ever!

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